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The storage units are indoor and you are the only person with a key to your unit. That in itself gives a solid level of security. In addition to that, we have first class security standards, with 24 hour CCTV surveillance. Our site is also security patrolled during nights and weekends.

Emma, who lives with her husband Peter, 41, and three children, a son and two daughters aged six and two, said her in-laws were both in their mid-seventies when they were diagnosed with cancer.

“My father-in-law was struck down first with a brain tumor and was receiving treatment to manage the condition over 18 months. My mother-in-law cared for him until he passed away.

“She was just beginning to get her life back on track before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2022. She died in January this year.

“It was an awful time. What made it even worse was all through Covid, we couldn’t see them in case we passed something on to my father-in-law who was receiving treatment. We missed out on so much. It was really hard.

“Tenovus is such a worthwhile cause. The amount of support and advice they provide is amazing, they have dedicated chat lines and other services to make it easier for a person living through a really difficult time.

“Going through it twice myself with my husband’s mum and dad, you realise how much this support is needed.

“It’s a difficult enough time as it is for anyone going through cancer but to worry about the financial side of things as well can make life even more challenging.”

Until last autumn, Emma, who helps out as a dinnertime supervisor at a local primary school, had only run 5k or 10k.

She was inspired by some running friends who were in training for the London Marathon and decided to give it a go, successfully applying for a place on behalf of Severn Hospice in Shropshire where her aunt had previously received care. Her
efforts raised £3,200 for the charity against a target of £2,000.